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Meet Victoria

My Story

What is a Doula?

 A person trained to provide advice, information, emotional support, and physical comfort to a birther before, during, and after childbirth. 

Birth Worker & Changer Maker

Our Philosophy

Our Mission - Is to create a community of Change Makers. A place where you will be accepted, loved & not judged. We believe in inspiring you in your life journey. From Self-Discovery to Parenthood we have you covered. As we all started in the Womb, Welcome to your Tribe. 

Our PassionWe believe in working in the family unit to create a strong cord foundation, for when you empower a Person in particular a Birther & Parent you uplift the whole family. And that can change world 🌎. 

Our Vision Is to support & empower you in any way we can. Making sure you know your options and that your choices are being respected especially when it comes to your birth.

   Hello! My name is Victoria and I'm originally from New York City. I moved to Sydney, Australia almost a year ago in the hopes of getting my Eat, Pray, Love on, and ended up finding so much more. I discovered my inner Change Maker. To be kind to myself, and the way I view success. That pure joy and beauty come in the littlest ways. How does it go? "I have a dream..." 

    I come from a rich childcare background of 12 years and counting. From Babysitting to Freelance On-Call Sitter, then Travel Nanny to Au Pair, I've seen a few things under my alias Nanny Tori. I've also had the great pleasure in aiding families as they continue to grow, mostly unexpectedly but a blessing indeed. As a caregiver, I specialize in looking after children with a short age gap. Blending a newborn's and sibling(s) routines together to make a beautiful marriage, where each child gets personalized attention. As a MSP Doula, I will be offering a wide range of services to help you in any stage of parenthood & self-discovery.

    Womb Tribe connects us all, no matter who you are or who you love - We all started in the Womb. 


Maternal Support Practitioner Student

Bebo Mia

13 Years of Experience in Childcare

Newborns - Teenagers, Twins & Special Needs

CPR & First Aid Certified 

National CPR Foundation

Working With Children Check 


New South Wales, Australia 

National Police Check
Australian Federal Police - NSW
Safe infant Sleeping - SIDS Certification
CSDS - Queensland Government 

HHA Work Safe-and-Clean

Hand Hygiene Australia

Certificate of Acknowledgment - COVID 19

Australian Government Department of Health

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Welcom Here.png
“We are happy to recommend Victoria...believe she is great asset to any family.”  Leila C.
“Nanny Tori lucky us...we have a Unicorn Wonder Woman...”.  Rochelle F.
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